Our Company is located in Venice City Center and we manage limousine and taxi services and Water Taxi Boats Services in our Area, so inside Venice City and the whole Venetian Lagoon. Our Staff is Multilanguage and is very Pront for any kind of enquiries from our Guests and Clients. We work dirrectly with Guests from any part of the world and we cooperate with Travel Agencies and Travel Agents.

Our Main Promise is guarantee the Best Service always, also for a simple transfer service. As you can see in our Web Site we offer different kind of Services in our Area, also in the Mainland and inside the Veneto Region. We have a good Network of Partners (Limousine and Taxi Companies) in different Cities like Padua, Treviso, Vicenza, Verona, Ferrara, Belluno… and also in other Regions of Italy in order to provide for our Clients services with the same “Standard” also in other places of our Country.

How to contact our Company?

It’s very simple, just using our Main Form linked on our Main Page, named “Form Page“. Sending us en Email, our Main Contact his bluelimoinvenice@gmail.com or calling our Staff through our Office Number here in Italy: +39 0412376932 or sending us a SMS or a WhatsApp Message throuth our Mobile Phone: +39 3922234004. We will reply to you just in few minutes.

Usually we reply to your Email just in some hours, expectially if we receive your messages during the Day Time. Our Staff is operative for Standard Request (for Booking or General Enquires) from 9:00 to 19:00 Italian Local Time. If you are looking for a Limo or Taxi Service for now, or in some minutes we suggest you to call us through our Mobile Phone (+39 3922234004 ) or send us a Message, with this Phone we are operative 24h/7Days so we can provide you or to your Guests/Clients the Best Solution for your/their Travel needs in a very short time.

We remind you that our Company can provide different level of Services, expectially with the Water Taxi Boats in Venice City Area. In our City there are basically three kind of Water Taxi Boats, the Standard Boat, the Luxury Boat and the Exclusive Boat (all Fully Licensed as Limo/Taxi Service).

If you or your Guests are looking for a Special Service we suggest to contact our Company before your Arrival in the City and pre-book your Private Water Taxi Boat with our Staff.

Standard Water Taxi Boat in Venice City – Italy
Luxury Water Taxi Boat in Venice City – Italy
Exclusive Water Taxi Boat in Venice City – Italy

The Staff BookTaxiVenice.

We are very Proud to annunce our New Web Site for the Dolomites called BookTaxiDolomite.it