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Welcome Onboard. Our Luxury Water Taxi Boats Fully Licensed are Ready for You!!! and also our Land Taxi and Limousine Vehicles… Feel free to contact us anytime with your kind requests… our Staff will be always at your complete disposal. See you soon in Venice Italy – The Staff BookTaxiVenice.it

Venice Islands Tour

With our Private Venice Island Tour you and your Guests will visit the Main Islands of Venice and of its Lagoon. You and Your Family/Party will meet our Capitan (your Personal Chauffeur of the Water Taxi Boat) at the dock of your Hotel or at the dock that you prefer for your departure. Usually the Tour will take about 4 Hours and during this half day Tour you will visit first Murano Island, then Burano and at the end Torcello Island. If you have spent just some minutes reading one Guide of Venice you have seen that Murano is very famous in the World like the Island of Glass (“l’Isola del Vetro”, in Italian Language), the Masters of Art or the Glass Blowers create Unique Objects that not have copies. Each single piece is just a unique Creation. With this Tour you will visit one “Fornace”, one Glass Factory where you will see the Real Glass Blowers working with other colleagues in order to create Fantastic Items.

During the Visit you and your Guests will see also the Gallery where a lot of this Operas are showed. Inside the Factory you can also buy some objects or some operas with a Special Discount. After Murano your Party/Family will reach the Island of Burano. This Island is recognized in the World like the Painted Island of Venice (“Isola Colorata”) because every house and building in this little and nice place have a different color. Yellow, Red, Green, Blue… it’s like to see a Rainbow.

After a nice walking inside the Center of Burano, visiting its little shops and unique “Botteghe” of Artigians where still you will see old ladies crochet to create sheets, tablecloths and clothes. This a real tradition of this island so you will see an other Unique way for creating different Artworks.

The final destination for this Tour is Torcello Island, this place is very green and very unique. Completely different from Venice. Many fields are present in this little island. Torcello was one of the first Islands of Venice, it’s very old and rich in historical artifacts. Here we suggest you to visit the bell tower and see the view from this top side. Then walk a little bit inside the Main Church and see the historical Mosaics inside the Main Cathedral.

At the end of the Tour you and your Guests will return in the Center of Venice where you can spend your free time relaxing and drinking a Glass of Prosecco Wine…

Night Time in Venice with our Water Taxi Boat.

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